Montessori Opportunities, Inc.

Montessori Opportunities, Inc. is a mobile institution that offers consultation, workshops, and support to individuals and school districts in accordance with the Montessori philosophy and methodology.

Mission and Philosophy

Montessori Opportunities is committed to the development of lifelong learners, both in adults and children. By exploring with adults the education philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori and other modern educational researchers, Montessori Opportunities will support the natural learning of young people today. Through its programs that offer instruction and reflection on the nature of childhood, how children learn, and the essence of education, Montessori Opportunities hopes to develop educators who recognize the potential of each child and who work to prepare a learning environment that will nurture and support a child in a multicultural society to develop and be prepared for future technological and global opportunities

Montessori Opportunities, Inc.'s key beliefs and values:

  • Learning is an active participatory experience that is part of the process of living
  • Both children and adults pass through stages of development, including social, psychological, physical and intellectual.
  • Each human is unique and deserving of dignity and respect.
  • Understanding and openness towards all cultures, races, nationalities and genders is important in a global society
    Personal reflection and preparation is necessary for instructional leaders.
  • Clear objectives and organization of materials and environment facilitate the tasks of both teacher and learner.
  • Active participation in learning results in more effective and long-lasting learning.
  • A supportive Parent – Educator relationship is important to the education process

 Montessori Opportunities, Inc.’s Goals and Educational Objectives:

  • Afford adults the opportunity to explore the philosophy and methodology of Dr. Maria Montessori.
  • Assist the adult learner with skills and understanding necessary to assist the child’s development
  • Familiarize the trainee with environmental design and management that supports learning
  • Relate Montessori’s theory to contemporary educational thought and child development
  • Convey the concept of Montessori education as an open-ended approach to education designed to foster autonomy and independence
  • Provide a collaborative prism of support, instruction, and reflection
  • Cultivate the ability to see the potential in each student
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of educational practices
  • Build on the strength of each participant
  • Offer a professional role model for the adult-learner relationship
  • Facilitate personal reflection and life-long learning
  • Prepare an environment conducive to professional growth and exploration
  • Act as a spokes person for the child by encouraging educational reform that is child-centered and concrete
  • Serve as a resource for individuals, communities, and schools on Montessori Education
  • Generate synergy to bring about world citizenship and global peace