Montessori Education Week - Challenge

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How can you become involved in the 


Our goal is to have a proclamation for 

“Montessori Education Week”

From all  

·       50 Governors,

·       State and Local officials

·     Presidents, Prime Ministers, and Dignitaries around the world

Steps to getting a Governor's proclamation:

  1. Call the Governor's office directly and get the name for his education contact.  
  2. E-mail this person as to the steps necessary to obtain a proclamation
  3. Click here for a Sample proclamation to email
  4. Click here for a Sample letter mailed to the individual state representatives and senators once the proclamation was declared. 



2016 Proclamations: 


State of Kentucky

From Heather Gerker

Greater Cincinnati Center for Montessori Education, Kentucky

State of Mississippi

From Aimee Cole

Montessori Academy of Jackson, Mississippi

2015 Proclamations: 


State of Connecticut

–  From Michelle Jacobik

StoneView Children's University, Norwich, CT

- Click the attachment at the bottom of the page 


Montessori Education Week State Coordinators: 


State of Mississippi

Aimee Cole -


State of Oregon

Cathryn Kasper

Emily Daggett


2014 Proclamations: 

State of Ohio

– Click the attachment at the bottom of the page 


State of Kentucky

– Click the attachment at the bottom of the page.  


2012 Proclamations: 

State of Washington

2011 Proclamations:

State of South Carolina

State of Minnesota

State of Florida

City of Homestead Florida

2010 Proclamations: Thanks to all who worked on this project.

Is your state listed???  We have 15 out of 50

If not - sign up to be the "Contact the Governor" contact person for your state.

Contact the person listed for your state to coordinate efforts to obtain a Gubernatorial or legislative proclamation for each state.

Please send a copy of your State's proclamation (you can scan it in) so it can be attached  next to your state's flag.

Which will be the first state with a proclamation?  

8 State Proclamations - 42 to go!! 

3 City Proclamation   - How many more can we get??

Illinois is first State Proclamation!!! - Thanks Zeenat Hussain

Illinois State Flag     See Illinois' Proclamation

Illinois - Zeenat Hussain, 1029 Greenbriar Drive, Glendale Heights, IL  60139, phone 847-962-6442,

The Daily Herald interviewed Zeenat Hussain for a featured article on Montessori Education that appeared in the newspaper on Friday, March 2, 2007, during Montessori Education Week.  Click here to read the article.

Iowa State Flag View Iowa's Proclamation

Congratulation to Rita Schneider,, for obtaining a proclamation from the new governor of Iowa.

    Look at Kentucky's Proclamation

Thanks to the Elementary students at Providence Montessori School, Lexington, KY - Kathy Regan - school office 859-255-7330, e-mail

Maryland State Flag   Read Maryland's Proclamation

Maryland - The Franklin Schools of Rockville - Sharon Allen Gilder
school office:  301-279-2799
email:   (put attn:  Sharon in the subject line)

     Inspect Michigan's Proclamation

Congratulations to the students at Schoolhouse Montessori Academy in Troy, Michigan and their director Sherri Roberts for acquiring a proclamation from Governor Granholm.

    See Missouri's Proclamation

                                  Read Missouri House of Representatives' Resolution

Appreciation to Janet R. Lee of Columbia Montessori School for procuring a Montessori Education Week Proclamation from Missouri Governor Matt Blunt and a Resolution from the Missouri House of Representatives.

Review New Hampshire's Proclamation

Thanks to Deb Ganley of Keene Montessori School for obtaining a proclamation from his Excellency, John Lynch, governor of New Hanpshire.

Ohio State Flag    Examine Ohio's Proclamation

Thanks Beth Bronsil of Xavier University for acquiring a proclamation recognizing 100 years of Montessori Education from Governor Ted Strickland.

South Carolina State Flag  Observe South Carolina's Proclamation

Thank you, Floyd Creech,, of Florence School District One.

Washington State Flag Read Washington's Proclamation 

Thanks Gulsevin Kayihan,, for procuring the Governor's proclamation for the state of Washington -Pacific Northwest Montessori Association.

See New Mexico Governor's Proclamation

See New Mexico Legislative Proclamation

Thank you, Debbie Pyott, Instructional Coach, Montessori of the Rio Grande Charter School, Albuquerque, NM, for purcuring the proclamation.

Proclamations from cities 

   See the Nashville Resolution

Flag of the Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County.

City of Nashville, Tennessee  signs a resolution recognizing the contributions of Nashville's Montessori Schools, and designating February 2007 as Montessori Month in the City of Nashville.

  Read the Mayor congratulation 

Mayor of Toronto, Ontario, Canada congratulates Bannockburn School as it celebrates the 100th anniversary of Montessori Education.

Review Mayor Pam Lorio's Proclamation

Mayor Pam Lorio of Tampa, Florida declares Montessori Education Week and pays tribute to Montessori past and present for their contribution to education.  Congratulation to Richard Winkler and the students at Beach Park School for acquiring this proclamation.


Contact person working on obtaining a proclamation:

  • Colorado - Community Montessori School (Charter) in Golden, Colorado - Claudia Mann 

Nebraska State Flag

New Jersey State Flag

New York State Flag

  • New York - The American Montessori Society - Carla Hofland -

North Carolina State Flag

Texas State Flag

"Contact the President" contact person

"Contact a State or Local Official" contact person

"Contact a country Dignitary, Prime Minister, or president"

Add Your Name To This List

e-mail Rosann Larrow, Montessori Education Week Chair, at

– Spread the word about Montessori Education Week and Montessori Education

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Ohio Governor Proclamation.pdf71.54 KB
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State of Connecticut Proclamation.pdf106.96 KB
Mississippi Gov Proclamation-2016.pdf137.03 KB