Montessori Education Week - Community Activities

Ideas for School Activities


VIP Invitations

Send a letter from your principal or head of school, on school stationary, to the mayor, governor, state senators and representatives, federal senators and representatives, community leaders, and business leaders.  Invite them to be a guest or to speak at the open house or information night.  Include information about Montessori and your school with the letter.


"Excursion" ticket

Mail to parents or perspective parents an "Excursion Ticket" with perforated sections to "stopover" at different areas of the Montessori prepared environment during an information evening.

Private Showing Gimmick

Have parents give you names and address of friends and neighbors with children of enrollment ages.  Send out invitations to a "Private Showing of the Montessori Classrooms / Method" to these parents.  The mailing should stress only preferred parents are invited before enrollment is opened to the general public.

Open House

Schedule a Saturday or Sunday afternoon as an "Open House" for your local community.  Distribute fliers in your neighborhood; advertise in the local community paper or advertisement supplement.  Serve refreshments, display children's work, invite a child or two in each room to participate by demonstrating the use of materials with a teacher nearby and available for questions.

Guest Lecturer

Bring in a local expert to discuss issues related to Montessori and / or parenting.  Provide refreshments and childcare.  Advertise this lecture in your fliers on Montessori Education Week.  Piggyback this lecture with your open house.

Articles by Authorities

You or your staff members ( you are experts!) write articles on Montessori-related topics to be published during Montessori Education week in your school newsletter and / or local newspapers or magazines.

Information Night

Provide an opportunity for members of the community to learn about Montessori education.  Design a lively presentation of the Montessori philosophy in action.  Consider using one of the AMS or NAMTA videos.  Create "stations" at tables with teachers and materials from specific areas of the curriculum, so people can rotate from table to table to watch a brief demonstration and ask questions.  Provide picture albums of children at work and special events the school has participated in.

Neighborhood "Getting to Know You" Day

Invite your nearby neighbors (both residential and commercial) - people who see your sign every day but may know little about your school.  Distribute child-made invitations asking them to stop by for a snack and a short tour.

Dessert  or Hors d'oeuvres

Have a dessert or hors d'oeuvres tasting and invite community people and interested parents in to visit / tour your school.

Parenting Classes

Use Montessori Education Week to kick off a free or low - cost parent education series ( such as the STEP program, "How to Talk So Kids Will Listen@" from Negotiation Institute, Inc. or other tried-and-true programs) and invite parents in the local community to participate.


In the Mall: Contact a nearby shopping center or mall and make arrangements to man a table there on "Montessori Education Week" Saturday or Sunday (perhaps sharing the space with other Montessori schools in the wider area).  Show the MEW tape or other video on Montessori, hand out school brochures and information.

Storefront Windows:  Ask a merchant on a main street, in a shopping center, or perhaps a business that the school patronizes or a small business owned by a parent to hang an "art show" in their windows.  Libraries and banks, too, often have space to display artwork, science projects, or photographs of your children in action.

Montessori Network Walk for Peace

Network with all the Montessori schools in your area to organize a "Montessori Walk for Peace," inviting parents, friends, and students to meet at a park on a Saturday or Sunday for the "Walk."

Community Service


Senior citizens in nursing homes and retirement communities enjoy seeing the children, no matter what they do!  Arrange to visit and sing songs or present a short play - several times a year, but especially during Montessori Education Week.


Montessori Education Week is a good time to contribute a tree to your local park and / or organize a planting celebration for when weather permits.

Library Book Presentation

Present a Montessori book or two to a local library.  Notify the local newspaper and include this event in the press release promoting Montessori Education Week.  Be sure to have someone available to take pictures.

Talk at Local Civic Organizations

Set up appointments with local civic organizations to deliver a short informational presentation about the Montessori philosophy and your school.

Talk Shows

Offer yourself as a guest on local radio or television talk shows.  Send your advance press package or similar information describing the program, philosophy, services, etc.

Bubble Release

Have an all school celebration for Montessori Education Week and have all; students, parents, administration, board members, former staff, benefactors, and community leaders; release bubbles instead of balloons.  Provide bubble solution and wands of varying sizes.  Invite the press!!

Please Submit Ideas

Please submit ideas of activities and photos, if possible, that your school community has used to celebrate Montessori Education Week.  Any ideas that your school has used to promote your school and / or the Montessori method of education to the community are welcome.

(Just think . . .  your ideas and / or school could be featured in our next revision of this idea booklet!)

Please send ideas to

Rosann Larrow

IAME Marketing / Promotion Committee - Montessori Education Week

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