Montessori Education Week - Family Activities


Parents Night

Students send invitations to their parents for a special night for which they are the "host" - and show parents how they learn using the Montessori materials in their own classroom.  To keep numbers manageable and to accommodate siblings, split the evening into two assigned sessions or have separate evenings for ladies and gentlemen.  Send home the invitation or reminder note for men's night on a paper "tie" that the children decorate, cut out, and wear home around their neck home.  For ladies night use a cutout paper purse.


Have parents or former parents, students or former students give testimonials about their Montessori school experience and publish this along with the picture of the person in your school newsletter or local newspaper.

"Library" Display

Near the office or entry to the school, create a display of articles and brochures about your school and about Montessori.  Advertise books to be found in the library for checkout.  Have parents or staff members put "book reviews" in your newsletter.

Grandparents Day

Invite the children's grandparents into the classroom, a few per day for each day of the week.  They can work with the children, read to the children, and stay for lunch and eat with the children.

Parents / Grandparents Luncheon

Invite the parents, grandparents, or both for either a pot-luck luncheon or a bring-your-own-bag lunch, for which the school provides drinks and desserts.  The children can participate by writing or decorating invitations, preparing and / or serving the drinks / desserts, and decorating the room for the festive occasion.

Thank - You Tea

Host a late afternoon "Thank - you" tea for parents and other school supporters

Read - A - Thon

Host an evening Read - A - Thon for families and children at the school, inviting them to bring a cozy floor pillow from home.  Serve hot chocolate.  Have a local librarian read / tell a story or two.

"Letters to the Editor"

Ask parents or enrolled children to write "letters to the editor" of newspapers in your area that mention Montessori Education Week and discuss what Montessori has done for their children.

Quotable Quotes

Send a note home to parents requesting one or two sentences on "What I like about Montessori for my child(ren)".  Use the quotes in press releases and newsletters (e.g., start a "Quotable Quotes" column).

Montessori Quote

Sent home a different Montessori quote every day of Montessori Education Week.

Montessori Alumni

Coordinate a reunion for Montessori alumni to meet current students and parents.

Puppet Show

Have a professional group present a puppet show for students, parents, and grandparents.  Better yet have parents and their children work together to create a puppet show to be presented at a parent evening.


Children's Art Show

Set up an "Art Show" displaying student's work.


Have parents assist students in creating a student or parent / student cookbook for the school that could be sold or given to present parents and newly enrolled families.

Parenting Book

Have parents, staff members, and students work together to create a "Parent's Idea" book listing parenting books and videos, recipes for play dough, children's favorite books, library story time and other community children's program - all sorts of parenting tips and information.  Again these could be made available to present and perspective families.

Enjoy !                                      Share !                        Have fun !

Celebrate the excellence of the Montessori method,

 its schools, and its teachers!

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