February 3, 2006

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I am writing to inform you that February 27 – March 3 has been declared Montessori Education Week in South Carolina by Governor Mark Sanford in conjunction with the international celebration of the 99th year of Montessori Education.

The South Carolina Montessori Alliance has planned a special celebration on February 27th which will include a visit to the gallery of the SC State Senate at 11:30 am and the gallery of the SC House of Representatives at 11:45 am. 

As a constituent of your district, I am urging you to help parents and educators promote Montessori education throughout South Carolina .  Over the past 99 years, the education approach founded by Maria Montessori has proven to be an excellent method of teaching children and preparing them for the future throughout the world.  Parents of thousands of children in South Carolina choose the Montessori Method for their children’s education each year.





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