Montessori Education Week - Peace Lesson

Title: Characteristics of a Peaceful Person
Age: Early Childhood to adult

  • characteristics of a Peaceful Person
  • new vocabulary
  • ways to be a Peaceful Person
  • a kind of poetry
  • synonyms 
  • Preparation: background - peaceful relaxing music


  1. Gather a group of children
  2. Pause to listen to the peaceful music
  3. Show the children the word "Peaceful"
  4. Ask the children what makes a peaceful person
  5. Acknowledge their contributions
  6. Show the children the letter "P" ask the children for words that begin with "P" that describe a peaceful person
  7. Record the words and place them beside the "P"
  8. Continue - show the next letter - the "E"
  9. Again ask for words that begin with "E" that make a peaceful person
  10. Continue with each letter until you have spelled out PEACEFUL

See sample layout below

  • Letters and words created can be placed on the shelf in a basket for children to take out and match again by themselves
  • Children can copy the letters and the words in their notebook
  • children can create their own word PEACEFUL and list words that begin with each letter and record as follows

Points of Interest:

  • the music
  • the words next to the correct letter
  • describing peaceful people or things

Control of Error: Large letters P E A C E F U L and words matching to them begin with the same letter

Lauguage: any words that children or you share

Variations and Extension - use your imagination and creativity
Source of Lesson: D. Wilder, Montessori Intern with Cleveland Municipal School District, Cleveland, Ohio

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