Montessori Education Week - Radio Announcements

Sample: Radio Public Service Announcement

Montessori Education Week
February__ - February  (March)  __, ________

Advance promo: (10 seconds)

MONTESSORI EDUCATION WEEK:  Will it help to maximize your child's potential?  Call your local Montessori school for details:       [telephone number]  

Advance promo: (30 seconds)

There are many special weeks in every year - but one of the most important for parents of young children is coming up soon!  February __ to February  (March) __ is MONTESSORI EDUCATION WEEK, an international celebration of the time-tested and highly successful Montessori approach.  Find out how to help your child maximize his or her potential.  Montessori Education Week is a good time to see something special at    [Name of School[    in    [City]     - your local facility for this effective learning system.  Call    [telephone number]    for information.

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Looking for a way to help your child maximize his or her potential?  Take advantage of national MONTESSORI EDUCATION WEEK to find out.  Call    [school telephone number]    for details.

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Dr. Maria Montessori . . . exceptional person . . . first female physician in Italy . . . founder of an educational system that exists today.  Find out about her legacy to your child now, during national MONTESSORI EDUCATION WEEK.  Call    [Name of School]    about special activities.     [telephone number]   .

Current promo: (30  Second Spot)

Have you ever visited a school where every child is actively engaged in learning... using hands on materials?  ...A school where students are allowed to progress at their own pace, in a cooperative community of learners?

Well now you can!  MONTESSORI EDUCATION WEEK is February __ through ___th.
Contact    [School Name]    at    [ telephone number]     now for information on how you can learn more about this student-centered approach to education.