Montessori Education Week - Student Activities

Ideas for School Activities


Letters and Proclamations

Proclamation Requests:  Guide the children in writing letters to the Mayor and Governor asking for a Montessori Education Week Proclamation.  Include information from your press package and information on Montessori with these letters.

           Letters to Editors:  Send children's letters on what they like about their Montessori experience.


Poster Design

Invite the children to create 9" X 12" posters that express what they like about their Montessori experience, school, or their Montessori teachers.  These can be done during Montessori Education Week or beforehand, so they can be displayed at a mall, library, or other community space.  Submit five of these posters for the Montessori Education Week Design Search.

Or have the students design posters that can be used to promote / advertise their school.

Whole - School History Lesson:         Maria Montessori

After every class does research on the life of Maria Montessori, a cooperative assembly can be set up to share the results.  Skits illustrating pivotal experiences can be presented with corresponding pictures and descriptions to be affixed to a 20 - foot timeline.

Read Biographies of Maria Montessori

After the readings, have the students write compositions or draw pictures about Maria Montessori and "What it means to be a student in a Montessori school."

Best Reason or Slogan

     Have the students write in 25 words or less what they like best about Montessori Education or create a slogan to promote the school.

   List of Words

Have students create as many words as they can from the name of your school.  Hang these lists in the halls of the school under the name of the school.

   Maria Montessori Play

Create a play about Maria Montessori's life, work, method of education, or message of peace and have the students present it at an assembly for parents and people of the community.  The play "You Can Be What You Want To Be" was written by Sister Aloyse's upper elementary students. 

(To request a copy of the play write to Sister Aloyse Gerhardstein, 2329 Grandview Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45206, or call (513) 475 - 6749.)

Peace Pole Ceremony

Create a peace pole inscribed with the children's messages for world peace and erected with the hope that all who view it will be inspired to work towards a more peaceful tomorrow.


Send letters to "graduates" of your school; invite them to write about how their Montessori experiences have benefited them in their post-Montessori lives.  Invite them back for a reunion celebration during Montessori Education Week to share these experiences with present students, parents, and community.  Create a special book where their writings and pictures will be kept and displayed.


Work Displays and Fairs

The children can review their recent work for inclusion in displays.  Older children can help create the displays.  A school "Art Fair" or "Science Fair" can also be part of work displayed during Montessori Education Week.  (Put your displays in a show case or window at your local library.)

Share Memories

Have older student or graduates share memories of growing up in a Montessori environment with younger children.

Photo Display

Have a parent or students photograph students at work in their Montessori Environment and display these photos with Montessori quotes or captions in your halls, local retailer windows, libraries or community buildings.  Or have the students draw a piece of Montessori material in use (like all those sketches in your Montessori albums!) and tell what they are learning.  Display this art work!

The joy of learning.