Testimonial Wall - Educators

Montessori Education is a VISION and a WAY to share with people the love of learning, the beauty of the Earth, and the consciousness of Peace.  It is a way to make a difference, one person at a time.
Like many Montessorians, I first connected when I found a preschool for my son.  The incredible environment was inspiring – a perfect place for a child!  Later, after reading Education and Peace, I knew I wanted to work within the Montessori community.  It spoke to me and affirmed my lifelong aspirations as a teacher.  Here was an approach that acknowledges the spiritual journey of the individual and how it can be enhanced daily in the classroom.  Here was a community that understood my own heart’s truth.  Here was a woman who had put so many profound truths before the world community and started schools that could easily adapt to may cultures.  Here was a method that had not only stood the test of time, but continues to be affirmed by research years later.
I become energized and excited by the opportunity to speak with people about all the amazing aspects of Montessori Education – the carefully developed materials, thoughtfully sequenced lessons, extensive curriculum, the joyful classroom environments, the Great Lessons – all impressive!  By far the best topic is Peace Ed  ucation because it is so essential to the well-being of all.
I want every child to know their own beauty, to desire Peace passionately, to act with respect and kindness, to won their lives and choices, to love working toward their goals, and to understand their interconnectedness with all life on Earth.  This will be achieved one by one!  Montessori Education is a lifelong, life-fulfilling process.
I have been teaching for 30 years.  I continue to find joy, enthusiasm, and inspiration in Montessori Education.


See Me
Be a mirror
No judgments to cloud the reflection
Let me see my own beauty reflected in your eyes
And the person I want to be-
I will become.
The thing that we must suffer,
Bourne out of our own shortcomings,
are important fodder for our evolution
Into a greater person-
Welcome them!
Wanda, a teacher from Casa di Mir Montessori School

I started my teaching career as an untrained teacher, after which I went to a Montessori college for two years. When I first entered a Montessori class, it was for my teaching practice and I thought to myself “this is crazy’ how do you put two years olds with four years olds and expect them to learn the same things and progress. But the most amazing thing happened that term while I was there.
The class was new and it was the beginning of the term. The class had 23 children between the ages of 2 1/2 and 5 year olds, I was asked by the class teacher to present the movable alphabets. I did it twice in one week, and believe me  there was a girl who was three years old and by the end of the second presentation she wrote with the movable alphabet three letter words and she was reading them, then before I knew what was happening she was doing sentences, at the end of the year, she turned four years and her parents wanted her to stay on in the pre-school, but the child was beyond pre-school so the teacher advised the parents to take her for an interview to join primary school. For the interview, they had to read the lady bird level 1 and 2 books, she came up in the top five, and to this day she is doing amazing things in her class and I believe beyond doubt that it was the Montessori foundation that made her what she is.
Honey tree Montessori School