Testimonial Wall - Students

What Montessori Students say
about their Montessori Education
In the Montessori classroom it’s not about being perfect.  It’s about trying your best.
-By Ellery, age 6
In my Montessori classroom I can build the solids with plastic shapes.
-By Jamie, age 6
In my Montessori classroom I like to build with shapes.
-By Mike, age 6
A Montessori classroom lets us see the world in many different colors.
-By Emma, age 5
In my Montessori school I am free to have a flag ceremony to honor my country.
-By Jack, age 5
In my Montessori class I study about different countries.  My mom showed us things from England at circle time I like the Union Jack flag.
-By Kelly, age 5
In a Montessori school I can work with my friends.  We can learn from each other.
-By Elise, age 5
In my Montessori school I learn to cooperate with my friends.
-By Nicholas, age 7
I like to make friends.
-By Sameena, age 6
Meet lots of friends.
-By Ben, age 5
I like coming to school because all my friends are there and it is a peaceful place.
-By Melanie, age 6
I like our school because my teachers are nice and my friends are peaceful.
-By Lillian , age 5
I like all the different choices of materials in my Montessori school.
-By Daniel, age 7
I like my Montessori school.  I am free to choose my own work.
-By Zac, age 5
In a Montessori classroom all different kinds of children work together peacefully.  There are Montessori classrooms all over the world.
-By Olivia, age 6
In my Montessori classroom, I enjoy learning about different countries.
-By Ethan, age 6
In my Montessori school we have a peace garden.  I like to look at all the different birds that come to visit the bird feeder.  It’s so quiet and peaceful there.
-By Elena, age 6
In my Montessori classroom math is so easy when I use the golden beads.
-By Alex, age 6
Montessori means peace and learning.
-By Marisa, age 6
I help to take care of the fish.
-By Nicholas, age 5
In my Montessori school, I like teaching myself to read. The green boxes are fun.
-By Jennifer, age 6
I like reading in the library.
-By Julia, age 6
I am reading a book.
-By Tiffany, age 6
Helping Pepi, our fish.
-By Andrew, age 5
Schools attended after Casa di Mir: Sierra (7th) Old Orchard (8th)
Aspirations for High School: I applied for Archbishop Mitty, Saint Francis and Westmont High Schools. We will find out in March.
Current interests in school: All sports, Math, Science, History and Photography, just recently interested in Language Arts.
Current interests and hobbies: Playing the drums, Juggling, Backpacking, Snow boarding, Camping and Dirt bike riding!
My Montessori Education has helped me gain self confidence and respect towards others.  (*Mom would like to add that Trevor is so comfortable with himself, he actually teaches other kids how to more confident!)
I like my Montessori School because the children get to give lessons and it is very fun and the teachers get to give lessons to.  And this is the best school ever because the teachers are good.
-Carli  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I like to concentrate hard on the pin-pricking work so I can make cool shapes.
-Alexandria age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I like my school.  My favorite work is the moveable alphabet.
-Grace  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I like my Montessori because they have art.  And they have math and have geography too. I have science and it is peaceful.
-Conner age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I like number rolls. It helps me get up to high numbers. I like choosing what I like to do.  These are the reasons I like Montessori.
-Maggie  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I get to help my friends.  It is peaceful in Montessori.
-Lauren  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
I like my Montessori class because we can talk to our friends at work time.  We help each other with hugs and love.
-Madeline  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School
My class is special.  My teachers are special.  We give each other lessons.
-Megan  age 5
-Corinth Montessori School

Attention everyone looking for a great school!
Because I have the answer to all of your questions!
Montessori education is better because – well - you my not think Montessori is better, but I can prove you wrong.  As I was saying Montessori education is better because we have special materials to help us learn.  (The materials are not scissors, paper, or crayons.)  We also have table instead of desks so you kids can learn to make friends and not feel left out.  We also share materials such as paper, pencils, crayons, and erasers.  So we can learn to share. So, if you’re interested, our school is called Coleridge Taylor Montessori Elementary.  If you’re interested, call….
-By Taylor, age 9

Montessori is for Everyone!
Montessori Education makes learning fun.  In my class I get to choose when I do my work.  I don’t have to do my work at the same time as the rest of my class.  We use materials to help us learn something instead of just reading it out of a book.  When I finish all my assigned work I get a free choice to work on whatever I ant out of all the lessons we’ve had.  In Montessori the older kids get to teach the younger kids how to do work.  I think that is good for a kid to teach the other kid instead of the teacher always teaching the kid.  Every morning we sit in a close circle so everyone can hear and see our teacher.  She does not have to stand in front of her room and raise her voice.  In our class 1st, 2nd, and 3rd graders are all in one room.  This way 3rd graders can help 1st and 2nd graders and we can learn on the other kid’s mistakes.  In the Montessori program we learn most by experiences instead of just talking about it.  I think Montessori is a great idea and if all schools had the Montessori program, I think it would help kids learn better.
-by Maggie, age 8
I feel that I have benefited a great deal from Montessori Education.  The jobs we do are fun and easy. We can also choose our work. I like it when my father, who is principal, comes to my room.  He gives me hugs. The free choice materials allow me to review what I have already learned and to have fun doing it.  The special areas are a lot of fun.  We learn how to sing and dance.  We learn how to use the computer and to speak different languages.  We also read books in the library. Ms. Davis makes learning fun.  She asks lots of question and helps me to really understand my work.
I like being a student at Samuel Coleridge-Taylor Montessori Elementary School!
-By Jonathan, age 7

Montessori Education gives me a classroom with many opportunities to learn important life skills.  I have a sense of freedom I can control.  It gives me a view of the life that I can have.  It helps me develop calmness, order, concentration, coordination and good motor skills.  It gives me good teachers that encourage a desire to learn.  It makes learning fun and interesting and keeps me on track and also helps me develop self-discipline and a willingness to learn and how to be responsible.
I am very proud to be in a Montessori school and the education I receive.
-by Alexis, age 8

What Montessori means to me.
I like Montessori because they teach you freedom, independence and how to be a leader.  In my Montessori classroom I have the freedom to choose when to do certain work.  In my class I am responsible for my work plan.  In my class I get to help younger students with their work.
These are the reasons I like my Montessori school.
-by Brooks, age 9
There are many reasons why I like going to a Montessori school.  Montessori is a different way to learn and is very very fun.  I am very lucky because I have a very nice and very pretty teacher and I have a whole lot of friends!! Montessori is different because I don’t sit at a desk all day, the teacher doe not stan  d in front of me all day.  I get a lot of freedom and I get o have hands on work. Montessori is fun because I get to work in groups, I get to learn outside the class, and we have a lot of choice.  I have a Montessori teacher.  She is different because she can spend personal time with me a lot.  She is very sweet, pretty, and I have more that 2 teachers to work with.  I’m glad I have friends and I’m glad they come to Montessori, also.  I get work meet people from 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade, and I get to “sometimes” work with my friends.  The end!
-by Madison, age 8
What Montessori Means to Me - Henderson, Nevada

Montessori means to me you get to work with your friends.  Montessori school is where you get to learn a lot of math and reading.    Emma F.

Montessori means friends and friendship to me.    Jason

What I like about Montessori is that there are no desks because I need to move around or I get stiff.    Tristan

Montessori means to be really careful with materials.  The other is to learn much!    Sam

Montessori means fun, laughter  and friends.  It also means work, play, and learning.  But, it always means  LOVE.    Dinnia

Montessori means to me that I can be with my friends and you get the best teachers.  Also, you get to work on research.    Max

Montessori means having fun and sitting with my friends.  I like to sit on the floor, so that’s awesome!    Cheyenne

Montessori means to me friendship, love, and help.    Cameron
What Montessori means to be is for people to be nice.  I love Montessori School!    Jackson
Montessori means to me kind loving people and kind teachers learning and love. Myah
I get to work with my friends and you can work on math any time you want!  You can help each other and there is no hating.     Nikolas