Well educated teachers are the "live blood" of a school. 

Teachers who "live" the Montessori Philosophy have the skill and ability to connect the child with the environment, while instilling Montessori Philosophy into the collective "school family".  What better way to build school community, than to host Montessori Teacher Education at your school campus.

Montessori Opportunities brings quality Montessori Teacher Education to your facilities, assisting your staff in learning how to use the materials in your school.

The Montessori Opportunities, Early Childhood Course, assists the Teacher/Assistant in becoming proficient with using Montessori Didactic materials and understanding the child of the 2.5 through 6 age group.

Assisting Teachers to encourage children to become "discovery" learners is the basis of the Montessori Opportunities, Elementary I Teacher Education  Course.  Imagine the outcomes when all teachers/assistants are encouraging active learning in the 6 through 9 year old child.

All your teachers educated in the Montessori Method?  Montessori Opportunities brings updated Professional Development to your location.  Make your next Consultation really meaningful to your staff.